PS4 controller

Custom PlayStation 4 Controllers

Custom PS4 controllers give you more personalized gaming experience. Today’s elite gamers have endless options to make their avatars, characters, and in-game experiences fit their exact specifications, but what about the hardware? Just like a tattoo for your controller, our controllers give depth and meaning to your tools of the trade. Oh, and they also look incredible.

Controllers that Match Your Gaming Style

Our goal is to make cool PS4 controllers that get you amped to play. Whether you’re saving the galaxy, invading an enemy base, or speeding on a race track, our custom PS4 controllers add that extra level of immersion that makes gaming so special.

Quality You Can’t Beat

Our controllers are made by the same original manufacturer as Sony. These are authentic DualShock 4 controllers and the only difference is the gorgeous aesthetics. Our custom PS4 controllers feel and respond just how you would expect, and you can count on them to last even through years of intense button mashing gaming sessions without peeling, fading, or chipping. In short, these brand new cool PS4 controllers play as good as they look. There are a highly sensitive six-axis sensor and touchpad that provides you with a whole new method of gaming interaction. It also features improved dual analog sticks and trigger buttons for greater control. Create custom PS4 controllers that suit you with hot-hued colors like Spicy and Formula Red! Or pick a shimmery metallic color, like Techno or Cosmic to make your custom  PS4 controller standout.

Select Your Favorite

We’ve created a variety of custom PS4 controllers, and we’re always coming up with new designs. What they all have in common is high-quality finishes with vivid colors, eye-catching shine, and sometimes even unique textures. On average, they take 10 to 20 hours to complete, and the results are truly breathtaking. We offer dozens of different colors for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. Whether you’re looking for a solid color, a chrome finish, or a transparent shell, we probably have it! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms for the latest designs and updates.