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Top Quality Controllers

Our custom video game controllers come to you all new, never used or refurbished. They’re sourced from the same original manufacturers as Sony and Microsoft. Controllers from Gamer2go are authentic in every sense of the word.

If you’ve been playing console games awhile, you may have a few latent childhood memories of getting a third party controller only to have it break down a few weeks later. It’s a sad story that’s all too common, and a standard we would never accept. You can trust a custom gaming controller from Gamer2Go to perform just as well as the ones that come with your console.

Sharp Designs And Graphics

Our custom designs feature vivid colors and meticulous detailing. The themes we choose are inspired by our favorite games. A high-quality finish protects the design during even the most demanding gameplay and feels great to the touch.

Most controllers take 10 hours to complete; however, some of our more intricate designs can take upwards of 20 hours. These custom video game controller designs were made to stand out from the crowd. Own a controller that is unmistakably yours.

Follow Us on Social Media

We’re always introducing new designs. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to be among the first to see our new work. No annoying ads, just cool controller photos, we promise.

Upgrade Your Gaming

Games are all about remaking digital worlds the way you want them and having a blast on the way there. Maybe that’s a world where the princess is safe, an empire is defeated, or one with a few less zombies.

Go beyond customizing your avatar or your profile and get something that’s real, a beautiful piece of custom artwork you can hold in your hands. A personalized asset for any game in your collection. Upgrade to quality custom graphics with no compromises. Get yourself a Gamer2Go custom video game controller.