K3 Pro Gaming Controllers

If you follow eSports, you may have heard of TheKoreanSavage (YouTube) AKA Kor3aYn (Twitch). He’s an epic COD player who consistently dominates leaderboards. This awesome K3 collection of pro gaming controllers was made specially for him, and now you can own a piece of gaming history with these ultra-sweet eSports controllers. Choose between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One options, each with stunning custom K3 graphics.

Pro Quality for Pro Gamers

Whether you’re gaming at home or crushing competitors worldwide, our pro gaming controllers get the job done right. They’re authentic Microsoft/Sony products, so they feel familiar and they’re super durable. We never modify our controllers with microchips, so feel free to use them at competitions worry-free. These controllers are as tough and dependable as it gets, and they make perfect daily drivers for passionate gamers.

Beautiful Custom Designs

There’s just something about using custom eSports controllers that feels so right. Stock controllers don’t give you that same personal connection and sense of ownership that you get from our pro gaming controllers. We use a hydrographic dipping process that ensures that the stunning designs never peel or fade, and all of our controllers are brand spanking new.

Check Out Our Other Collections

We’re proud to offer a wide range of controllers inspired by games, players, and our wild imaginations. Connect with Gamer2Go on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets to see our newest designs. Using pro gaming controllers is a great way to turn heads at your next competition or on the couch with your buddies. Order a stunning PS4 or Xbox One K3 controller now.