When you want to strike fear into the hearts of your targets, our Skull Hunter Xbox One controller is a surefire bet. Adorned with the skulls of your enemies, this lethal controller is designed to take down anyone foolish enough to stand in your way. Whether you’re an archaic warlord or an intergalactic defender of justice, you can count on this epic red Xbox One controller to feel as devastatingly good as it looks.

Quality Fit for Battle

All of our customized controllers start with genuine hardware sourced straight from the same factories as Microsoft. In other words, they’re the real deal, a far cry from other “custom” third-party controllers that lack the familiar feel and performance of the originals. Take this Skull Hunter Xbox One controller into battle with you with confidence, knowing it’s as authentic as they come.

Devilishly Good Looks

If looks could kill, well, this red Xbox One controller would be a weapon of mass destruction. We create our beautiful controllers using an intense hydrographic dipping process that takes roughly 10 to 20 hours to complete, but the finished product is well worth the time and effort. The striking colors and high-quality finish can handle the trials and tribulations of war, and it ships to your home or bunker brand new, never used or refurbished.

Check out Our Other Designs

Our Skull Hunter Xbox One controller is head-splittingly awesome, but we’re always creating new, exciting designs. Be sure to follow Gamer2Go on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to see our newest creations. Get ahead of (or ahead off) your competition with this battle-ready red Xbox One controller.


All gamer2go controllers are made to order. We allow our technicians 3~5 business days to build and test every order. 

GAMER2GO currently delivers to 180 countries over the world

STANDARD SHIPPING ($4.99) - 15 to 20  working days respectively


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