The second generation of our killer mech assault gear series, this sleek gray XB1 controller has a unique look that’s simultaneously understated and futuristic. The state-of-the-art design of the Mech Gen II Xbox One controller adds a serious dose of style to your gaming setup, looking like it belongs in the universe of some of your favorite games. Own this style on your gaming gear for a more personal gaming experience.

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All gamer2go controllers are made to order. We allow our technicians 3~5 business days to build and test every order. 

GAMER2GO currently delivers to 180 countries over the world

STANDARD SHIPPING ($4.99) - 15 to 20  working days respectively


Pro Performance

Whether you’re an esports legend or just plugging in for the first time, this genuine Microsoft controller packs all the performance you need to achieve greatness. Our hardware is never modified, aside from the style upgrade, so you can depend on it in all types of gaming situations.

Cutting-Edge Graphics

Like all of our custom Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, this Mech Gen II Xbox One controller is carefully printed by skilled professionals using a time and labor-intensive hydro dipping process that ensures that every controller feels and looks nothing short of amazing - even after countless hours of gameplay.

Pick Up a Mech Gen Gray XB1 Controller Today

We encourage you to browse our other collections to find the controller that speaks to you. Our team is always working on new designs, so follow Gamer2Go on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets to stay up to date. A new controller can really breathe new life and excitement into your gaming sessions, so don’t wait to pick one up for yourself. Order this stylish Mech Gen II Xbox One controller online at Gamer2Go now.

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