Star Wars Rebels & Empire PS4 Controller

Featuring symbols for both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, this epic Star Wars PS4 controller is your gateway to a galaxy far far away. Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan looking to elevate your collection or a gamer who appreciates iconic design, this beautiful customized PlayStation 4 StarWars controller will be your loyal companion during battles for the dark side or the light.

Quality Fit for an Intergalactic Warrior

We make all of our customized controllers using only hardware sourced from the same factories as Microsoft or Sony. In other words, they’re always the real deal, a far cry from third-party controllers that just feel off. Rely on this Star Wars PS4 controller to meet all of your performance expectations and then some, wherever in this universe your travels and adventures may take you.

Beautiful, These Controllers Are

Our custom controllers undergo a hydrographic dipping process that takes roughly 10 to 20 hours, but the finished product is well worth the effort. After all, as the great Yoda once said, “Patience you must have, my young Padawan.” The result is a highly collectible PlayStation 4 StarWars controller with vibrant colors and a high-quality finish that won’t easily fade over time. All of our controllers will ship to your brand new, never used or refurbished.

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Our Star Wars PS4 controller might be a more elegant controller for a more civilized age, but we’re always working on new ideas. Be sure to follow Gamer2Go social media platforms to see our newest collections and designs. Jump your gaming experience to light speed with our awesome Star Wars Controller, PS4 controller, or other iconic designs.


All gamer2go controllers are made to order. We allow our technicians 3~5 business days to build and test every order. 

GAMER2GO currently delivers to 180 countries over the world

STANDARD SHIPPING ($4.99) - 15 to 20  working days respectively


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