Like a tattoo for your controller, this awesome customized Tribal Xbox controller really adds some personality to your gaming experience. Whether you’re part of an elite gaming tribe or you just appreciate a wickedly sweet design, this tribal themed XB1 controller makes every gaming session more immersive and unique to you. Intricate detail inspired by tribal patterns and vibrant red accents makes this controller stand out from the rest in a serious way.

Authentic Quality and Feel

All Gamer2Go customized controllers start with genuine hardware sourced straight from the same factories as Microsoft. In other words, this Tribal Xbox controller is 100% the real deal, unlike other “custom” third-party controllers that just don’t feel or perform like the genuine controllers you’re used to. Enjoy a stunning, custom look without sacrificing that familiar feel of a legitimate controller in your hand.

Looks the Whole Tribe Will Love

Whether you’re going on a solo mission or entering a competition with your elite gaming squad, this tribal themed XB1 controller has a fierce look that’s not to be trifled with. We make our controllers through a hydrographic dipping process that takes roughly 10 to 20 hours, but the results are worth it. Boasting vibrant colors and a high-quality finish that lasts for the long haul, this controller ships to you brand new, never used or refurbished.

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This awesome Tribal Xbox controller is only one of our many incredible designs. Be sure to follow Gamer2Go on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to see our latest and greatest creations. Take your gaming experience to the next level with this formidable tribal themed XB1 controller.

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All gamer2go controllers are made to order. We allow our technicians 3~5 business days to build and test every order. 

GAMER2GO currently delivers to 180 countries over the world

STANDARD SHIPPING ($4.99) - 15 to 20  working days respectively


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