Soldier 76 Overwatch Controller

Soldier 76 is an elite, highly-trained warrior, and so are you. With that said, it only makes sense that you should use a controller at the top of its class. This epic Overwatch controller is the perfect choice for gamers who prefer a cut above average gear. It depend on this beautiful controller to surpass all of your performance and style expectations.

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A Weapon Fit for Soldier 76

Out of all of the Offense heroes, Soldier 76 is the most versatile. Whether you’re shooting your enemies with a stream of Hitscan Bullets, blasting them with Helix Rockets, or regenerating in the Biotic Field, this rough-and-tumble Overwatch-inspired controller is up for the task. Its brand new hardware comes straight from the original Sony manufacturer, for a familiar gaming experience with an elevated design.

Functional Art

This controller is much more than just a link between you and your favorite games. It’s a beautiful work of art that you can be proud to own. It’s made using a time and labor-intensive hydrographic dipping process that ensures that the stunning colors remain crisp, clean, and bright even after heavy use. Prepare to get some serious looks of jealousy when you bust out this Overwatch controller at your next gaming session or competition.

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